The scarcity of financial resources in Sub-Saharan Africa is a key driver of an efficient capital allocation. We strongly believe that investing in challenging environments where private sector is underdeveloped can generate attractive returns and at the same time create jobs.

Our investment foundation:

  • Focus on more challenging countries and sectors with high development impact
  • Realign deal size to Africa realities and invest in enterprises that can built to scale in countries where private sector is under-developed

Our ambition :

  • Moving from capital provision to management capacity building
  • Greater focus on tracking impact and financial performance

We are seeking to identify attractive opportunities with clear metrics

1% Individuals impacted within a specific country and sector by our projects

20% Expected salaries increase in our investee companies

30% Women to be employed

80% Mobile users

Our commitment

Our promise is to be at the forefront of the quickly changing economies in Africa and work closely with our clients and partners, fully committed to meeting and exceeding expectations.